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I bought this 1989 Nissan Prairie Anniversary II via eBay in August last year, primarily because it was cheap and I figured it’d be useful for spare parts for mine. It had a little bit of road tax and some MOT left so I drove it for a few weeks before laying up. It went well and with 91,000 miles on the clock, it’s done some 70,000 less than my red Prairie but also it had pretty bad rust around the rear arches and was had also been converted for wheelchair use. These two factors alone meant that I had no intention at all of returning it to the road. However, rather that it being cannibalised for parts as I had planned and the remainder getting shredded and shipped off to China to become next year’s new Chery, it’s back on the road instead!

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I’m pretty sure that when the M10 Prairie was new back in the early 80’s it wouldn’t have been considered to be a really small car but these days it looks tiny against modern small cars. The Vauxhall Meriva to the right is considered to be a ‘Mini MPV’ which I would guess is the class of vehicle the Prairie falls into. The Citroën Berlingo on the left looks huge next to the Prairie yet it too is considered to be a small car and like the Meriva it almost certainly doesn’t have as much useful space inside as the Prairie offers. I guess the Prairie doesn’t have the fuel efficiency or crash protection that either of these modern equivalents but it still beats them hands down for practicality. I wouldn’t swap it for either of them.