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I can’t imagine that there are many 910 Bluebird Hardtop coupes left in France let alone ones as nice as this example from 1981. Incredibly, it’s covered less than 14,000 miles from new and from the couple of pictures in the listing it looks to be in amazing condition. It’s about as far south as it’s possible to get in France but the dry Mediterranean climate will have no doubt helped keep the usual rust away. The alloy wheels look like they are of  C210 Skyline or possibly C230 Laurel origin but I guess it’s possible that 910’s may have been available new with this type of wheel in France. There’s no mention in the ad as to whether this is an SSS or not. In the UK all hardtops coupes were SSS but in Japan that wasn’t the case so it’s possible France may have got non-SSS 910 hardtops, which also may explain the different wheels. It may have even come with steel wheels originally. It’s not that cheap at 6200 euros but then where else are you likely to find a Bluebird Hardtop with such low mileage? Check out the advert on Leboncoin.fr