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I’m still very busy digging holes and laying concrete here at home at the present, so I’ve not had much free time to put together material for the site. However, I did make time to scan this fascination Japanese trade catalogue from 1952. Issued by the Motor Trade Association of Japan, this thirty eight page catalogue lists quite a variety of vehicles including trucks and heavy plant machinery. It comes from a time when the Japanese motor industry was still in recovery from the Second World War and so many of the vehicles on offer had a distinctly pre-war look to them such as the Datsun DC-3 Sports, yet a few others, such as the Toyopet sedans look quite up to date for 1952. Also included are the quirky looking Datsun DB series and Thrift models which were very short lived and exceedingly rare today.

Also interesting are some of the weird specialist vehicles shown, in particular the bizarre looking Nissan ‘Sound Car’ and Service Car’, both based on a Nissan 390 bus. It’s interesting to see the long extinct Japanese make ‘Ohta’ shown too. Ohta built a number of cars from around 1934 right through to 1957 after which the company was absorbed into Kurogane. There’s also a Datsun connection with the company as Yuichi Ohta designed the aforementioned Datsun DC-3 as well as the later, fibreglass bodied S211, forerunner to the Fairlady series. Click through to have a look… Continue Reading