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I’m pretty sure I have never posted any Datsun literature from Belgium before so this might be the first. This marketing material is in the form of a Magazine (this is issue Nr.1) and it dates from Autumn 1974. The range shown is pretty much the same as that sold in the UK and most other Western European countries with the exception of the C110 Skyline hardtop, a model which never made it to the UK. There’s a little bit in there about the Datsun ESV too, about which it says something like;

‘Not just a safety prototype, but additionally looks very nice also. The front visibility is optimal by construction without windscreen pillars. The special bumpers play a dual role: a collision softener for passengers, but on the other hand they protect the pedestrian as much as possible. Steering wheel and dashboard are specially refined and moreover reflect the same safety philosophy” .

I’m collecting some info together to write a piece about Nissan’s ESV projects so watch for that in the future.