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At the very start of the 1970s, Nissan were very busy developing all manner of advanced projects and concept cars. Fortunately for us, they were also very keen on producing quite elaborate and informative brochures. This one is from 1970 and is absolutely packed with interesting stuff, even though the text is all in Japanese. There’s the wild concept cars, the Nissan 126X, the Cherry based 270X and the 315x electric car. There’s some lesser known projects such as the 130 based Cedric EL Special which made use of complex (for 1970!) electronics technology and the 150 model President Proto-AX which featured advanced emissions controls. There’s also Nissan’s experimental  gas turbine engine, a mention of air bags and craziest of all a steam powered 510 wagon! Plus there’s a beautifully illustrated guide to their model line up at the time. Click through to take a look…

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