9 comments on “Custom Van Project – Window Removal

  1. Given the choice, I have no windows (okay maybe some bubble portholes 😉 The long windows are okay for a period looking custom van which is what I’m aiming for. They were pretty common during the ‘vanning’ era. Personally, I’d prefer large, one piece windows occupying that space but my chances of finding some are pretty small. I was lucky enough just finding the correct type of sunroof.

  2. I can’t help but think it would look that much better if the windows were the same size and height as those in the rear doors.

  3. No, the rear windows will stay. It’d be very difficult to remove them all but also it does need some windows otherwise it’d be too gloomy inside! They are coming out while I paint it but I have to leave them in while I do most of the prep otherwise the sides get a bit too flexy!

  4. Will you also be removing one or both of the rear windows? Love the job on that first window though, far better in steel than glass. I envy your fabrication skills!

  5. Not so much skills, just plenty of patience! Work slow and steady and things usually work out alright.

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