5 comments on “Goodbye Old Friend

  1. Also there’s a pic of the new LDV replacment here: LINK

    Nissan spokesman says it is not a Dacia, but compares the pics yourself.
    here is the Dacia: LINK

  2. The 1200 was built in Ecuador in the 90s, however production there stopped long time ago. You can read about it Nissan Ecuador web site, however there is very little information.

  3. Nicely written. I have my doubts that emission control is the reason, automakers sometimes use that excuse when the real reason is something else. More likely is image, along with fwd cost less to manufacture.

  4. I went through all the South American Nissan website but nobody mentioned it so I presume not, unless the rights and tooling for manufacture have been sold to a third party.

  5. the end of an era … bittersweet.

    wasn’t there rumor the b120/b140 was still being produced in south america?

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