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I have to confess that I do find it hard to get excited about new Nissan models these days, particularly the everyday regular cars, but the new Nissan IDx concepts are a really interesting idea and one which I hope signals some change of direction in styling. Ironically, in this video it seems they that whilst they talk about designing these cars for people who aren’t interested in cars, they have actually created something that interests car enthusiasts a great deal! Just imagine these with a lively DOHC up front and rear wheel drive… a budget driver’s car of the kind they haven’t really built for years.

Clearly these concepts have a retro vibe to them and certainly evoke the spirit of the legendary Datsun 510, especially the Nismo IDx with it’s BRE style graphics. I actually prefer the IDx Freeflow to the Nismo version and were it to be brought into production looking as the concept does, I’d seriously want to have one…. providing of course that it was utterly dismall under the skin! As with all good things though, I’d wager there’s next to no chance of getting something from Nissan that’s this exciting and even if the concept should move forward, it’d no doubt be re-worked and cost-cut until it was just another Nissan Note or Pixo. It’d be nice to be proved wrong….


Nissan’s Type 70 arrived on the Japanese car market in 1937 and was quite a departure for the company as it was considerably bigger and more luxurious than anything they had previously sold. Clearly they were pretty proud of this new car and produced this charming silent film, which remarkably for 1937, was in colour!

Of course the Type 70 wasn’t actually a Nissan designed car at all…

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