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Last years Retro Show was killer so Saturday lunchtime we pointed the MX5 at Santa Pod and hit the road. An afternoon and evening of heavy ale consumption didn’t serve to make an MX5 suitable accommodation for sleep as hoped (next time…a tent methinks!), but despite feeling pretty rough come Sunday morning, it was all worth it. The turnout was spectacular just like last year, with everything from stock obscure classics (Fiat Strada FTW!!) to full on drag cars like the mental Torment Racing Alky burning Chevette, which despite getting well out of shape still netted an 8.8 run. We parked up with the Retro Rides crew who put in a top display as usual with loads of variety. It’s too hard to pick a favourite from the hoards but high on my list of winners was Mick Wilkes’ gorgeous little Bedford HA van. Virtually stock looking on the outside but packing turbo XE power. A leisurely looking launch down the quarter saw it in the low 13’s but it’ll easily lay down low 12’s. What a machine! I gotta build something like that!

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