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Well, it’s been a little over a month since I’ve posted anything new, but what better way to re-commence proceedings than with a birthday announcement … is now ten years old! Whilst the blog format hasn’t been going for that long …since November 2007 to be precise …the domain was first registered on May 2nd 2000 and a website created shortly after on the meagre 2Mb of webspace provided by my ISP at the time. It moved to whatever free webspace I could get for the first year before finding a permanent home with it’s current host and gradually grew from there. The site is now around 650Mb and hosts over 9000 images… a long way from where it started out!

When I decided to go to blog format in 2007, all the old stuff from the website was dropped for the sake of expediency, but I’ve recently started putting it all back in place bit by bit, so for those who have only seen the site since it’s been a blog, check out the archives shown prior to 2007. I’ll be filling in some more of the sites past over the next few months and will provide links to the ‘new’ archive material each time I do.