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When we bought this little 1200 coupe back in 1998 it had a paltry 28,000 miles on the clock and was in absolutely lovely condition. At the time we paid what was then considered to be pretty strong money for a Datsun, £1300! A lot considering that even now, ten years later, it’s only the best cars that fetch that would much although now they are incredibly rare here. Possibly the only criticism that could be made of it’s condition when we got it was the rear panel which had at some time been replaced, no doubt due to previous accident damage. It wasn’t the tidiest repair and certainly not up to my standards but the car looked perfectly presentable so I left it alone. The coupe originally ran the registration SYD18M but the seller wanted to keep the plate which was a shame.

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If ever there was an essentialy read for Datsun 510 enthusiasts this is it. The Dime Quarterly is a long running US based newsletter, mainly technical in focus, concentrating purely on the 1967-1973 Datsun 510. The magazine is printed in black and white in A4 format and as the name suggest comes out four times a year. Every issue of the Dime Quarterly is packed with useful technical articles and features which makes it excellent value for money. The standard of photography and the editorial content are both highly proffesional. Subscription is a very reasonable $20 for overseas readers ($15 for those in the States) or you can save a couple of dollars by going for a two year subscription. To get a taster of the magazines content you can take a look at some previous articles online on the Dime Quarterly website and from there you can also subscribe using Paypal. Back issues are also available from the website for $4.50 each.