All posts for the year 2004

Australia’s Modern Motor magazine got to take an early Datsun 1000 (B10 model) for a spin but, it seems, were not entirely won over by it. When the B10 arrived in 1966, Nissan were clearly still trying to figure out the export markets and in this particular case they didn’t have the recipe quite right. Of course later Datsun 1000’s dispensed with the ‘3 on the tree’ gearbox and went to a regular 4 speed floor shift. They also came with seat belts!


I experienced a fairly unique occurrence at the Japanese and Performance Show today at Ollerton. My 1967 Datsun 1000 met up with a Datsun 240Z which, like my 1000, had also been used for an Autocar roadtest back when it was new! If I can find a copy of the 240Z roadtest, I’ll post it. Here’s a picture of the two together…

I’ll post up some pictures from the show in the next couple of days.