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You will definitely need a keen eye to build one of these unusual kits from Arii as not only are they in diminutive 1/32 scale, they are also quite remarkably detailed. The series of 64 kits are predominantly Japanese cars, although a handful of Europeans are in the mix. Sadly, few of the kits have chrome parts (the exception being the VW Beetle) so you will have to employ some bare metal foil or Alclad chrome paint. They do come with clear parts and rubber tyres, although occasionally the tyres are not quite right, often being to skinny to suit the more modern cars, but none of these problem are insurmountable. The quality of the moulding is first rate, as you would expect from a Japanese manufacturer, with little to no excess flashing and very crisp detail. Most kits even have reasonably detailed undersides, although none have opening doors, bonnets or bootlids, no that you’d expect features of that nature on a 1/32 scale kit. All in all I can highly recommend them, and if you’re into 1/32 slot car racing, these are just the ticket for building a unique race car. A full list of the models in the series with pictures after the jump…

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