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Once you have installed a bigger engine in your Datsun, a whole new set of problems come to light. One is the brakes …Datsun’s are not blessed with particularly great stoppers. Another is the differential. Too much abuse and that little R160 will go pop! The R160 Diff is fitted to the 510 and 610 sedans as well as 610 and 710 SSS coupes. This diff is a little weak in stock open form. By open I mean, non-limited slip. The weak link is the small side gears and pinions with the carrier itself. Launch to hard a few times and the teeth will strip from these gears in a moment. The best solution would be to fit a limited slip differential in it’s place. As the LSD had a clutch pack taking the load rather than the gears in question, it is substantially stronger, however, the R160 LSD is not particularly easy to come by, especially in the UK.

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Here’s another attempt by Nissan USA to confuse everyone. The previous model was called the Datsun 810… logically as it’s chassis code was also 810. The model 810 was replaced by the model 910 but did they call that one a Datsun 910? No, of course not. They named it 810 Maxima. So, the 810 became an 810 Maxima and eventually just plain old Maxima. Everywhere else it’s a Datsun Bluebird…