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A front spoiler is not only there for looks. It can aid stability and improve cooling, especially at high speed. It is possible to get front spoilers of various kinds to fit models such as 510, 610, 710 and B110. These usually have to be sourced front the USA or Australia. I bought this particular one for my 1971 Datsun 510 off of eBay from the States. Fitting it is fairly easy and below I give a step-by-step of how to install it. Of course not all spoilers will be the same built this type of spoiler, often called a “spook” is pretty popular so these instructions should be relevant to the majority of installations.
The first thing to do is to attach the spoiler and check for fit. It’s relatively easy to clamp the spoiler to the front valance with a couple of pairs of vise grips. Now is the time to do any trimming if neccesary on order to get a good fit.

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