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Tomica Pocket cars have long been popular with die-cast collectors, so much so that prices for early examples can be very high. Sometimes it’s hard to justify paying $50 or $90 dollars for such a tiny model particularly if you only want it as a model of your own car and not for it’s “collectors” value. There are hundreds of Tomicas and fortunately a large number of them are Datsuns and Nissans. Many of the popular models such as the 510SSS coupe have been reissued recently which makes the task of finding one much simpler. Many are also made by third party companies and come in special boxes and unique colours. I can’t possible go through every model available here as there are just too many but I will try to outline roughly what’s available.No surprise really that it’s the early models that are the most sought after. Sadly some of the nicest are extremely expensive, such as the E10 Datsun Cherry and B210 Sunny coupe. Expect to pay up to $60-70 for one of these in good condition.

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