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C130 Laurel’s (or 200L as it was sold here) are getting rather rare in the UK. This particular example is unusual in that it’s a four cylinder version running a G20 crossflow OHC motor. Most C130 sedans I have seen have the L20A six cylinder engine and indeed, the four looks very odd under the bonnet due to the length of the engine bay. This car has got to have the biggest plastic fan shroud I have ever seen! Mechanically the car is pretty good and drives well as it should with only 38,000 miles on the odometer.

The engine is slightly poorly in as much as it has one rocker that is chewing it’s way into the tip of one valve (nasty). Fairly easy to fix if I can find the parts. The body requires mostly cosmetic work and a respray to make it good although the car has had quite a bit of welding underneath. The interior is pretty good too which is a bonus with this kind or car as all the moulded and sculpted plastic is hard to repair of replace. The future is uncertain for this car as I may convert it to a six cylinder using parts from a spare C130 I may be getting soon, so that I can save the G20 as spares for my earlier C30 Laurel. Either way it’ll remain on the road.