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I have known about this Datsun 1000 saloon for quite a while and said when I first heard about it that if it ever came up for sale I would buy it. And it has…. so I have. This B10 (B10-080016) was built in late 1967 and apparently was amongst the first batch of Datsuns to be officially imported by Datsun UK. A check on the VIN number confirms it’s build date and although there is no actual information on the destination of that VIN number, the Japanese export record shows only one B10 having been shipped to the UK in April 1968. This was the only one car shipped during the period from September 1967 through to June 1968 and as it is known that this B10 arrived here prior to June 1968 this would seem to indicate that this was indeed the first Datsun Sunny to arrive here officially. I think I’ll have to do a little more research on this before I can say for sure but all indications point towards it being so.

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Nissan USA managed to really confuse things with this model by calling it a 210. I guess they were building on the success of the previous model which has been sold under the name B210 in the States. B210 also happened to be it’s chassis code and the model shown below is a B310 so you would think they’d have logically called it B310 or even just 310. Just to muddy the waters a little more, in the US the model which was sold as a 310 is actually an N10 (chassis code), or better know in Europe and Japan as a Cherry or Pulsar.

It would have been a whole lot simpler if everyone had just used the Japanese name, ‘Sunny’. The model below, with it’s fastback styling and faux wood-grain paneling was sold in Japan as a ‘Sunny Californian’… a title that seems quite well suited to the US market but alas it was only known by that name in Japan…


It’s back and better than ever! This is the indispensable information CD-ROM for all Datsun 510 (and 610/710) owners. The original version already contained all of the Datsun factory information for the 510, including the 510 Factory Parts Catalog (this is what the parts department used), the 510 Body and Chassis Manual, the 510 Engine Manual, the full 1997 NISMO Catalog and Schematic Catalog sections covering Mikuni/Solex and SSS SU carburetors and The PL510 Owner’s Manual. The new version contains all this plus, The Nissan Factory engine, tranny, clutch, and EFI wiring service manuals for the VG30E, KA24E, Z24i (NAPS-Z), SR20DET as well as the Nissan Factory FJ20DE service manual so it’s perfect for those who are contemplating or have done and engine transplant. Also there’s some pictures from your truly and from the Summit Point 2000 meeting in West Virginia USA and finally the The Nissan Dream Garage .MOV movie! All that for $35 plus shipping!! If you haven’t experienced the convenience of service manuals on a CD-ROM you are really missing out! Go to for more information.