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Retro styled cars are becoming popular with motor manufacturers so I began to wonder what Datsun could be remanufactured to look ‘new’ with the minimum of changes, much like the Rover group achieved with the MG R-V8 back in 1992. In fact, considering the manner in which the RV8 was done, how about doing the same with a Fairlady Roadster? I did this somewhat hasty photoshop to give an idea of what could be done. At first glance it doesn’t look too much different to the original but that’s the idea. The changes are comprehensive though as you’ll see…

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No it’s not a new national holiday but I did enjoy a day of F10 destruction with my buddy Jon when I help him strip two of the saddest looking F10’s I have ever seen. Jon acquired these two, a sedan and a coupe for free (not that anybody would actually part with any money for cars like these) as he figured there were still many useful parts to be had. And he was right. The coupe had been in a very hard front end smash which had trapped the engine making removal somewhat difficult but using a length of chain and my Datsun 910 we quickly had the front end pulled out. The sedan had also been wrecked and was incredibly rusty so no usable body panels were saved but it did provide an engine and transmission and numerous other mechanical parts. Datsun parts are getting too rare now to let even sad wrecks like these pass you by. Pics after the jump… Continue Reading