Yue Loong

Nope… definitely not a Cedric. It might look like a 31 model Nissan Cedric but this ultra rare beast I spied for sale on Taiwanese auction site Ruten, is in fact a YLN-801. Eh…? The YLN from this cars moniker comes from the manufacturers name, “Yue Loong” and “Nissan”. Yue Loong (or Yulon as the company is now known) completed a deal to build Nissan and Datsun models in Taiwan in 1957 and the snappily titled YLN-701 was one of the first fruits of this collaboration in 1960. The 701 was a Datsun 211 model and this was rapidly followed by the YLN-704 (Datsun 310 model) and the YLN-801 we see here.

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